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  • Norman James AKA D Jay Mint has been at the forefront of real house music in the liverpool since the age of 16. He started while growing up with Mike Knowler (the god from the quad) in The Quadrant Park Liverpool, alongside The Manhattans Bowlers and Angels shaping his eclectic diet for original 90’s House music. He is motivated by inspirational people such as Marshall Jefferson, K Klass and John Kelly to name but a few. His diet soon evolved as music does and he became more involved in the upcoming trance scene in 1997 motivated mainly by Cream Gatecrasher and Paul Okenfold. After mainly being focused on what works and the times, Norman decided to move something that was really at the core of his musical centre.  While seeing what the label Defected was doing with U.S funk house, he could move his focus on more Funky and then into Electro House music. 

    Norman then decided to aim for higher heights and brought his talents to Thailand in 2004. He started by making a huge impression in Koh Samui at Mint Bar and Koh Phag nan (Full Moon party) with Funky House.
    Normans goals of DJ is to make people dance and have a great night but also keep real house music alive. DJ ing is a passion however its an expensive time consuming passion and with all the music out there now it becomes very difficult to find the right music that suits me and my style and keeping real house music alive. 


    At the age of 16 he was a mobile DJ and club DJ in Eve & Eden, The Gallery, Swarm Teen Scenes in Aintree Liverpool and Blimpers  in Chester. Moving on from there he worked in Tenerife working several clubs inducing Tramps, Bobbys, The Crows Nest and many more. He moved back to the UK where his reputation soared within the underground and after many private parties/birthdays all over the North West including Bowlers his talent became second to none.

    Norman moved to thailand permanently in 2006 - 2010. He played at Bed Supperclub, QBar, Narcissus, Lucifer, Insomnia Pattaya Bay Radio 103 and he was the headline Dj for the Beer Bar Association at the Full Moon Party Koh Larn Pattaya; he also performed at late parties in Suckumvit Soi 1 to name a few. Until he decided to take it to the next level and get his own bar in Samui. After closing down due the economic climate Mint bar was taken on board by the Norman. This achievement was greatly received by young music goers and the Mint Bar became a great success and the place to be in town. Norman James made it back into one of the top nightspots in Koh Samui again with his style of music. Norman gave the bar up and slowly put the headphones down. Still playing at many clubs and bars in Samui and Bangkok. Norman then moved back to the Uk and started producing and was signed with House Rox Records with his song Day J Mint - I Like Saxy, Disco Shit and Prae with several more raw tracks available to buy at Norman came back to Thailand to retire just over 2 years ago. He started a young family. With the birth of his son Phoenix he found some great music again with his passion and his heart beating to the sound of some exciting new house music. Living in Hua Hin Norman has played at several parties and had an exclusive party in Singapore. A resident at East bar 20016-17 and Ibiza bar resident, Norman had been getting his reputation back again and quickly after several years out of the business that can be detrimental to a DJ. Norman will be back in Pattaya with guest Dj spots at cocoon and residency at Thai lounge and Terrace. He is also in the process of starting a new studio in Pattaya so watch this space! As Norman had been in the industry for many years he can play at almost any venue and cater to the music needed. His preferred music is US Vocal House, Nu Disco/Indie/Dance and Groove Funk Jackin’ House. This incorporates 80’s 90’s and upfront uplifting house music that brings together legendary house music and keeps the music alive today.